Rescan Day for WXEL
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Rescan Day

As directed by the Federal Communications Commission, August 22nd was designated RESCAN DAY for WXEL. As a result, WXEL’s signal and transmission facility relocated. Due to the relocation of the signal, we asked our viewers who receive WXEL over-the-air to rescan their television sets to continue to receive WXEL.

Many of you have already done this without a problem or have been assisted by one of our technicians. However, if you have already rescanned your television (refer to for rescanning information) and notice you are no longer receiving WXEL over-the-air, please fill out the form located at: and specify in the Subject line that you need Technical Support.

It is very important to us that you continue to receive free access to public television and the cultural, educational and entertainment programs that are essential parts of our mission to serve the people of South Florida.

Please be assured our technicians are working diligently with our over-the-air viewers to help them through this process.

*In listening to our viewers who are experiencing technical difficulties, we have found that the main issue preventing viewers from receiving the WXEL signal over-the-air is their indoor antenna. If you have a similar situation, we recommend that you change the orientation of the antenna to face South or replace it with an outdoor antenna.