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South Florida PBS’ KidVision PreK is Thrilled to Announce Partnership with Teach & Kids Learn

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Miami, FL - South Florida PBS (WPBT & WXEL) announces it has partnered with Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) to offer its KidVision PreK Virtual Field Trips professional development program to preschool teachers across the country. KidVision PreK Virtual Field Trip professional development will be provided through TKL’s propriety learning platform Teaching Knowledge Loop with accreditation provided by the International Accreditations for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). Credited hours earned will be endorsed and processed by Florida Association for Child Care Management (FACCM). Penny Bernath, the Education Director at South Florida PBS, and the creator of KidVision PreK, is excited about this partnership with Teach & Kids Learn (TKL). “TKL is a successful online professional development for kindergarten through 12th grade teachers. This alliance will benefit both companies, and all the teachers involved in educating children from cradle through high school,” stated Penny Bernath.

The KidVision Virtual Field Trip Professional Development Package is designed to give teachers and students a unique and engaging learning experience. With 15 different themed field trip experiences to choose from, every child's interest will be satisfied. From exploring the wonders of nature, careers, and learning about different cultures, our package covers it all. Our curated collection of virtual field trips is sure to leave a lasting impression on your preschoolers.

“Teach & Kids Learn is excited to partner with South Florida PBS in providing preschool teachers with a unique opportunity to transport young learners to exciting places. The KidVision Virtual Field Trips program is designed to inspire and educate young minds about the world around them, exposing children to potential career paths and introducing and building essential vocabulary all from the comfort of their classrooms. These life learning experiences are being offered to preschools to address challenging travel restrictions, high costs, and potential liability issues,” said Rudy Azcuy, CEO of Teach & Kids Learn.


Each Virtual Field Trip includes:

  • Preschool themed virtual field trip videos that provide a look into community-based organizations. Teachers will use these materials as a source for their own professional development as well as a supplemental curriculum for their students in the classroom.
  • Age specific, standards-based lesson plans and assessments, which include alignment to state-specific early learning standards and the Head Start Early Learning Outcomes Framework. Lesson plans target the following age groups: 4YO, 3YO, 2YO, 1YO. Available in both English and Spanish.
  • Take Home Pages in both English and Spanish, which include structured reinforcement activities to be completed at home with family members in support of the language, communication, and emergent literacy skills addressed in class.
  • Each Virtual Field Trip Experience includes extension activities focusing on building vocabulary and/or additional theme related “A Day With” videos which will enable children to shadow a day in the life of a professional as they describe the details of their job.
  • Structured teacher reflection activities and discussion forums with peers locally and nationally.
  • Teachers will earn 5 in-service hours .5 CEUs (i.e. Continuing Education Units) for each completed Virtual Field Trip Experience. In-service hours can be used toward the renewal of CDA (Child Development Associates) credential. Continuing Education Units are accredited through the International Accreditations for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).
  • Teachers will receive certificates of completion upon the successful completion of their KidVision Field Trip Experience and have the ability to download a transcript that includes all completed field trips.


15 KidVision Introductory Package Virtual Field Trip Topics:

1. A Trip to the Airport

2. A Trip to the Fire Station

3. A Trip to the Farmer’s Market

4. A Trip to the Young Art Museum

5. A Trip to Learn About Traffic Safety

6. A Trip to the Art Museum

7. A Trip to the Horse Farm

8. A Trip to the Dinosaur Museum

9. A Trip to the Oceanographic Institute

10. A Trip to the Zoo

11. A Trip to the Beach

12. A Trip to the Baseball Stadium

13. A Trip to Learn about the Chinese New Year

14. A Trip to the Aquatic Center

15. A Trip to the Library


About Teach & Kids Learn (TKL)

Teach & Kids Learn (TKL) was founded in 2009 by a team of core members who have worked together within the comprehensive school reform movement for more than 25 years, both within the United States and internationally. Each core member brings a unique set of experiences and highly sought-after skills within the K-12 Education market. TKL leads the way in solution-based professional development and plays a key role in defining the new paradigm shift in education. Our professional development resources have been purposefully designed to support teachers in making transformative changes to their instructional practices. Combining strategies from leading research on behavioral change, design theory, and effective professional development.


About South Florida PBS

South Florida PBS is Florida’s largest public media company, including Public Broadcasting stations WXEL-TV, serving the Palm Beaches and the Treasure Coast and WPBT2, serving Miami-Dade and Broward counties, and the Health Channel, the only 24/7 channel dedicated to health in the nation. South Florida PBS connects organizations and institutions across our region and preserves South Florida's history. Leading the way in this global society, South Florida PBS is committed to creating and presenting award-winning programs focused on kids, education, arts and culture, health, environment, science and civic engagement.