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Meet the Season 1 Film Makers

Episode 101

This episode of film-maker, features three short films. Cheryl Maeder's “Play” is a look into the magic of children wildly jumping and playing in a mall wonderland. Get lost through the endless array of books in "Labyrinth," a cinedance from Sandra Portal-Andreu that explores the Historic Miami-Dade Main Public Library. And in Gabriel Rhenals' “The Promotion” a young woman is all about her career.
Cheryl Maeder - film-maker
Sandra Portal Andreau
Gabriel Rhenals

Episode 202

In this episode of “film-maker,” we feature two films: “Freddie of Wynwood”—shot on location in Wynwood, featuring a chance encounter of two strangers--by Fabián Cárdenas; and “McClintock”—a thriller featuring a stranger in the shadows—by Christopher Irarrazabal
Christopher Irarrazabal
Fabian Cardenas

Episode 103

In this episode of “film-maker,” we feature two films: “Tears of Joi”—featuring a mime looking for a break--by Yarnel Nicolas; and “Tesla”—which follows the trials and tribulations of the famed inventor—by Kamen Sway
Yarnel Nicolas
Kamen Sway

Episode 104

In this episode of “film-maker,” we feature two films: “Zindagi”—a bittersweet tale of lost love--by Vasisth Sukul; and “No Trespassing”—documentary on forgotten urban spaces—by Denise de la Vega
Vasisth Sukul
Denise De La Vega

Episode 105

In this episode of “film-maker,” we feature the documentary “Changes,” by Yamilet Hernandez. The starting point of this documentary is the XIII Havana Biennial, which brought together all kind of artists, from Cuban-born Miami-based artists, Cuban-American artists, to internationally acclaimed contemporary artists.
Yamilet Hernandez

Episode 106

In this episode of “film-maker,” “Float” from Karli Evans is a psychological film about coming to terms with letting go. In Matthew Abad’s “Isa” a young Hispanic girl encounters a villain you can only find between Westchester and Hialeah on a balmy summer day. And in “Foggy Sky” from Lauren McGarrett, a young man recounts the story of the best day he's ever had with the love of his life.
Karli Evans
Matthew Abad
Lauren McGarrett

Episode 107

In this episode of “film-maker,” we feature “Waking Up Dead,” by David Molino, featuring a moving portrayal of a psychologically dysfunctional and mentally deranged elderly man.
David Molino

Episode 108

In this episode of “film-maker,” we feature two films. "Angels with Shoes: A Kidney Transplant Story,” by Dan Perez, follows the harrowing and inspirational journeys of Yaredly and Kiara, two cousins bonded by a kidney transplant. In “J.U.L.E.S.” Juliet Romeo gives a first-hand look at sickle cell disease and how it affects the patients as well as loved ones.
Juliet Romeo
Dan Perez

Episode 109

In this episode of “film-maker:” “Baggage,” from Isabel Bacigalupo, features Stanley and Linda, soul mates that are lost in their own worlds and roam aimlessly as they are stuck in the past. Mark Pulaski’s “Dream Recall” is a visual representation of an attempt to recall the details of a dream. And in “The Fallen” from Gabariel Tyner Adam and Eve discover the horrific consequences of rebellion.
Isabel Bacigalupo
Mark Pulaski
Gabriel Tyner

Episode 110

In this episode of “film-maker,” we feature “Zenú” from Claudio Marcotulli. In this film dreams and reality plunge a troubled musician into a river whose waters are kept sacred by a shaman living under the I-95 Bridge.
Claudio Marcotulli

Episode 111

In this episode of “film-maker,” we feature “Art Vessel” from Mateo Vengoechea. This film highlights Miami’s growth as a world-class art hub with interviews from up and coming as well as established artists.
Mateo Vengoechea

Episode 112

In this episode of “film-maker” we’re featuring the documentary, “Markers” by Richard Jackson. Join us as we learn about the history and tragedies surrounding these roadside landmarks.
Richard Jackson

Episode 113

In this episode of “film-maker” we feature three notable films: a carpenter contemplates life’s voyage in “Vessel,” a narrative film from Gabrielle Olivera; “The Truth About Huntington’s,” by Dominique Seward, details how Huntington’s Disease affects families across the U.S.; and Grace Shafir’s “Heart of the Everglades” reveals the unique beauty of this National Park and the dedication of its care.
Gabrielle Olivera
Dominique Seward
Grace Shafir

Episode 114

In this episode of "film-maker" we feature "Father's Day" a documentary from Joe Pisciotta highlighting the plight of children who lose their parents as they serve time.
Joe Pisciotta

Episode 115

In this episode of "film-maker" we feature two short films: in "After Party: Bad Dessert" by Andrew Gaines we journey into a mysterious after hours labyrinth full of enchanting strangers; in Willa Kaufman's "The Children are Make Believe" the protagonist seeks an escape from this world though the Big Bad Wolf is always on her trail.
Willa Kaufman
Andrew Gaines

Episode 116

In this episode of "film-maker" we feature Ronald Baez's "Scenes from our Young Marriage," where a young couple journeys through seemingly innocuous conversations, exploring the emotional vastness of their short tenure in marriage.
Ronald Baez

Episode 117

In this episode of "film-maker" we feature "Animobiles" from Isaac Bencid, part of a series that follows the adventures of Nana, Guau, Ali and Mou--characters that form part of a crib mobile and come alive every night; and "The Wrecker Kings" from Robert Colom, a short film where the owner of a failing inn and his friend, a roadkill collector, devise a bigfoot hoax to draw in tourists but a Miccosukee Indian is set to make sure that doesn’t happen.
Isaac Bencid
Robert Colom

Episode 119

Alonso Aliaguilla's "Reissued: A Rebirth of Vinyl," which provides an analysis of a select number of "protectors" of vinyl culture. In "Full Circle" from Raymond Knudsen an accomplished NFL wide receiver hopes to change the lives of the people from Pahokee, Florida. "Speechless" from Devin Marsh features a troubled man who is briefly plagued by the social stigmas surrounding his religion.
Alonso Aliaguilla
Raymond Knudsen
Dr. Devin Marsh

Episode 120

In this episode of "film-maker" we feature two short films. "Wait for Me," by Juan Castaneda, features Alicia who must piece together her memories from the night before if she's to win her lover back. Joseph Weisler's "The Abnormals" follows the trials and tribulations of three blended families as they collectively attempt to find level ground in the midst of abnormal situations.
Dr. Devin Marsh
Joseph Weisler

Episode 121

In this episode of "film-maker" we feature two documentaries. "Naturally Selected" by Jimmy Evans . And a school for special needs children in Guatemala takes center stage in Tony Mendez's "A Través de sus Ojos" [Through Their Eyes].
Jimmy Evans
Tony Mendez