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Meet the Season 5 Film Makers

Episode 501

Open Dialogues: Black Voices Black Stories –Freddy Rodriguez & Jeff Resnak

Interview with filmmakers Freddy Rodriguez & Jeff Resnak. Their documentary, "Open Dialogues: Black Voices Black Stories." from the Art and Culture Center/Hollywood, focuses on what social justice looks and feels like for Black residents in South Florida, as told through the narratives of eight Broward County residents, musicians, essayist, and spoken word artists. The purpose of the project is to inspire conversation about inequality and equity of the African diaspora in America.


Episode 502

  • Mambochella Adeline Ferro & Ivelin Giro
  • CIRCA – Sandra Portal-Andreu
  • F.I.L.M (Fulfilment – Inspiration – Leader – Motivation) - Elijah DeArmas
9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Adeline Ferro & Ivelin Giro

Interview with filmmakers Adeline Ferro & Ivelin Giro. Their featured film is titled, “Mambochella.” Mambochella takes viewers on a rhythmic journey, following a never-before-seen gathering of award-winning artists from every corner of the world, combining their talents to produce an album that pays tribute to Mambo’s golden era while reinventing its eclectic elements, inviting all generations cross-culturally to move to the same vibrational tune.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Sandra Portal-Andreu

Interview with filmmaker Sandra Portal-Andreu. Her film, “CIRCA,” is a call-to-action to the world from the children of Miami-Dade County. Being ground zero for the effects of climate change, the film shares the visions of the future from over 37 children between the ages of 7 and 18. Interviews and drawings depict what Miami will look like in 2050. From grim predictions to offerings of hope, the next generation has much to say, and it is time that we listen.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Elijah DeArmas

Interview with filmmaker Elijah DeArmas. His film, “F.I.L.M. (Fulfilment – Inspiration – Leader – Motivation),” is a short documentary showcasing children and adults with disabilities that compete in marathons and triathlons. They are proving to the world that anything is possible with determination.



Episode 503

  • Tales of Sunshine: Florida Eco-Stories: The FishermanDirector Vincent Marcucci
  • Snakes Director Dominic Traverzo
  • Simulation - Director Milan Tangirala
9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Vincent Marcucci

Interview with filmmaker Vincent Marcucci. His featured film is, “Tales of Sunshine: Florida Eco-Stories: The Fisherman.” Through a meditative journey into the depths of Florida ecology, Tales of Sunshine observes the intimate and inspiring stories of four naturalists during the height of COVID-19. In this episode, recreational angler Freddy Matos finds peace on the water. Matos navigates a new life of community building and citizen science after spending five years locked away in federal prison.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Milan Tangirala

Interview with filmmaker Milan Tangirala. His featured film is titled, “Simulation.” A woman traverses tropical nature through a simulation to escape the world she lives in.


9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Dominic Traverzo

Interview with filmmaker Dominic Traverzo. His featured short film is, “Snakes,” a spoken word meditation following one man’s journey from childhood monsters to entering old age.



Episode 504

  • Hurricane Flora - Gabriel de Varona
  • (Mock) Tails from the Pub  - Lauren McGarrett
9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Gabriel de Varona

Interview with filmmaker Gabriel de Varona. His film, “Hurricane Flora,” follows a Cuban American documentarian who rides out a hurricane at her parents’ house with her boyfriend. Tensions rise as she takes advantage of being locked in and attempts to interview her emotionally reserved father about his dark past in Cuba.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Lauren McGarrett

Interview with filmmaker Lauren McGarrett. Her film is titled, “(Mock) Tails from the Pub.” When a transgender college graduate finds herself trapped in a dead-end job, she goes on a mission to find inspiration for her future break-through novel.


Episode 505

  • Synchronic – Andres Irias
  • Croqueta Nation – Guillermo Alfonso
9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Andres Irias

Interview with filmmaker Andres Irias. His film, “Synchronic,” takes place in the height of the holiday season. “Synchronic” follows a husband and wife, Colleen and Charles Martin, as their marriage drifts apart. While Colleen and daughter Phillippa make a head start into JoJo’s shopping store, Charles stays behind attempting to find an empty parking spot. Their distance in this moment kickstarts a chain of life altering events as a strange yet familiar man to Colleen threatens their livelihood with a weapon of the future: time reversal.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Guillermo Alfonso

Interview with filmmaker Guillermo Alfonso. His film, “Croqueta Nation” tells a uniquely Miami story. “Croqueta Nation” is a film that combines Miami's culinary scene with a restauranteur's vision to unite a community by breaking a world record. Set in Miami, this feel-good and playful story follows Carlos Gazitua, owner of Sergio's Cuban Restaurants, as he sets out to make croqueta history. His big plans of making the world's longest croqueta won't be easy to achieve, but will they be worth it in the end?


Episode 506

  • Los Colores de Marcia Director Cinthya Franco, Producer Daniela Orlando, & Director of Photography Catherine Mairena
  • Croqueta Nation – Guillermo Alfonso
9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Los Colores de Marcia

Interview with Director Cinthya Franco, Producer Daniela Orlando, & Director of Photography Catherine Mairena. Their film, “Los Colores de Marcia (Marcia’s Colors),” is a narrative film. Marcia is an old woman spending her last years in her lonely home reminiscing over her memories. Her solitude results in desperation for human interaction. When Marcia’s finally takes life’s last chance to connect with her nurse, Lucia, she faces a harsh reality.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Chloe Cappelen

Interview with filmmaker Chloe Cappelen. Her featured film is titled, “Missed Signal.” While at a party, Marcie confides in her best friend, David, that she has feelings for someone, leading to a big miscommunication.



Episode 507

  • Mirrorball – Raquel Mira
  • Paternal – Pierre St. Jean, Jr.
9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Raquel Mira

Interview with filmmaker Raquel Mira. Her film, “Mirrorball,” is part musical, part love story. When Debbie and Gene end their long-lasting relationship with each other, they imagine a heightened version of their romance. Their relationship plays out as a dream ballet set on a stage. As the couple dances through the fantasy version of their lives together, it showcases the flaws they could not overcome.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Pierre St. Jean, Jr

Interview with filmmaker Pierre St. Jean, Jr. His film, “Paternal,” explores the complexities of fatherhood from the Haitian perspective.



Episode 508

  • Beat Lingo Jose Navas
  • Solitary Guitarist, 1865 – Zoe Milenkovic
  • Self-Confliction: Effort – Deondre Marshall
9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Jose Navas

Interview with filmmaker Jose Navas. His film, “Beat Lingo,” is a coming-of-age story. Suffering from mutism has kept this reserved teenager quiet his entire life. But Marcus holds a special gift that he’s been hiding from the world.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Zoe Milenkovic

Interview with filmmaker Zoe Milenkovic. In her film, “Solitary Guitarist, 1865,” a lonely folk singer ponders over her relationship with an uncaring audience. She turns the tables, looking into their lives for a change.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Deondre Marshall

Interview with filmmaker Deondre Marshall. His introspective film, “Self-Confliction: Effort,” was produced with the Urgent, Inc. film internship program. A young man wrestles with his own conscious, pushing himself to be better.


Episode 509

  • Silver WatersDomenicca Botero
  • Sacrilego – Maytee Diaz
9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Domenicca Botero

Interview with filmmaker Domenicca Botero. In her film, “Silver Waters,” a grandmother and granddaughter face grief. After the recent death of her husband, an elderly woman attempts to skip the wake and revisit the beach where they first met, but her memory is fading.

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Maytee Diaz

Interview with filmmaker Maytee Diaz. In her film, “Sacrilego,” a young hotel maid explores a dangerous way to make more money to pay for her father’s surgery.



Episode 510

  • Daggers DrawnJames Cotton
  • Woodlandish Ghoul – David De Souza
  • La Rose Noire - Christopher Krider
  • CAMALEÓN - Miguel A. Sarduy
9 Questions in 90 Seconds | James Cotton

Interview with filmmaker James Cotton. In his film, “Daggers Drawn,” a couple’s lustful intentions transpire to be a pretense for ensnaring each other, but who will get who?


9 Questions in 90 Seconds | David de Souza

Interview with filmmaker David de Souza. In his film, “Woodlandish Ghoul,” a young female hitch hiker is picked up late at night. Will this seemingly nice guy try to take advantage of her, or will the tables be turned on him as she hunts for her next meal?

9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Christopher Krider

Interview with filmmaker Christopher Krider. In his film, “La Rose Noire,” a suave hitman finds his next mark to be more than he bargained for.


9 Questions in 90 Seconds | Miguel A. Sarduy

Interview with filmmaker Miguel A. Sarduy. His featured film is titled, “CAMALEÓN.” With a nod to the spaghetti western this ultra-short film conveys mystery and horror with just one thought, “It is only to change the sunset, for the sunrise…”